Hong Kong to Chicago

After a long night in Hong Kong, I finally boarded the plane to head home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Once again, I have to give it to Cathay Pacific for feeding me well on these long flights ๐Ÿ™‚


These pics are from somewhere over Taiwan. It’s amazing how the Earth looks from 30k feet…


That bacon (yes, that’s bacon) was the weakest bacon of all time.


Flying into yesterday…


Somewhere over Montana. It looks boring from the sky, but I bet they can see the stars real well at night lol


Whenever I’m flying and I see another plane flying parallel to the plane I’m in I always wonder if there’s someone on the other plane staring at my plane and wondering about the plane flying parallel to them lol


Hong Kong to Chicago… this is what 16 hours on a plane looks like on a map.

This is the bittersweet end to Opus 9. I sincerely appreciate everybody for checking out and enjoying my pictures. I know I’m extremely fortunate to be able to travel the world and it makes me extremely happy to share my experiences with you guys. Thanks for the likes, follows, and feedback… it really means the world to me.

Thank you.



16 thoughts on “Hong Kong to Chicago

  1. Hej from Sweden !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post.
    I just loved your post here! I do the same ting, take photos of my trips and my food! I just loved it. Thanks for sharing.
    Welcome back to my anytime!

  2. Loved the journal of your trip!! Amazing photos!
    But honestly – that bacon the weakest bacon ever?! Have you ever tried bacon in some of the darkest, dodgiest corners in London? THAT is the weakest bacon ever (and the weakest beans, sausage, bread,….)

  3. Beautiful photos and intriguing journal of the trip – though I am left feeling incredibly jealous of both places involved!

  4. Cool photos from the airplane window. I don’t know about that bacon though. It seems to be right out of the package.

    (Thanks for the like on my post Friday Catblogging post. It’s much appreciated.)

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