Random Drive Through Canada…

Back in August I went to the Smoky Mountains for my birthday, but originally it was between going there and Bruce Peninsula Park in Ontario, Canada… a couple months ago I had the opportunity to drive up (visiting family in Detroit) and decided to drive up on some random stuff.

*Note 1: Please, please, please do some extra research before driving to random parts of Canada on a whim*

So, I woke up super early on a Sunday morning (after a two hour nap in Detroit) and headed for the border.



*Note 2: Crossing borders is way easier in a plane than it is in a muddy ass Jeep*

Border patrol gave me a super hard time going both ways smh…


Most people would have seen a frozen ass Lake Huron and immediately realized it wasn’t the time to drive two more hours north to a random ass Canadian national park, but I decided to keep going like a fool…



(I have a horrible habit of driving on private property)



…half way to the state park and it was colder, but still pretty



Look up Tobermory, Ontario, Canada on Google Maps real quick… I drove all the way up there, realized everything was closed cause it was too cold, and realized I had to go ahead and switch the plan up real quick to salvage the day.

The choices were 1) cry in my truck because Tobermory was trash, 2) drive five hours back to Detroit (I’d have to go back that night anyway), or 3) drive four hours to Toronto for dinner, then four hours to Detroit afterwards…


I’m never one to turn down dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, even if it’s a huge waste of time and some genuine silly shit.

Once a year I’m reminded how much sleep affects my body; I had to pull over because I had only gotten about five hours of sleep from Friday morning to Sunday evening at this point and had driven about 13 hours to this point.

*Note 3: Sleep and eat when you’re on the road!!!*



Toronto is a cool city. I hadn’t been since I was like nine, so it’s always cool to see a city as an adult.





After dinner I walked around downtown Toronto and cleared my mind a bit before driving back stopping in Detroit for like 20 minutes, then hit the road back to Columbus. I don’t think I’ve ever driven so much in a day >_<

…and you better believe I went to work after that long ass Sunday!



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