13 Fest

I really hate explaining Fest to people that have never been, because it’s so hard to describe…

The nation’s largest college music festival kind of tells you, but not really. Imagine 20k people in a field tucked away in Athens County, Ohio. Add to that the most beautiful day to date of 2015. Cool. Add two stages, a bunch of food trucks, booze, bars (in case you ran out of your own booze), and all the fun you can fit in 160 acres. I’m probably still not doing it justice, but it’s an amazing time, damn it.

After hitting the credential post, I pulled into Fest and immediately got a feel for what the day was going to be:



I’m always worried that the next Fest because they’re always so much fun. Will the weather hold up? How will the crowd be? Etc… but, history always seems to repeat itself (and out do itself).



The newest twist this year was the Jagermeister stage, curated by the good people at AnimalxHouse. I was only able to swing through early (sometimes getting clearance at the main stage takes a while lol), but I was lucky enough to see Bhris and Osh. In the 20-30 minutes I was there the crowd easily tripled in size and I heard it was stacked out by the end of the night.

Word to the homie Jordi!


So, the first set I saw on the main stage was Makonnen… here’s the thing about this guy, you either Love his music or you don’t. There are songs of his I really like, some I just can’t get into, but I was extremely impressed by his live set. Be clear, it’s not that I thought he was going to have a bad set, it’s just hard to gauge an artist with a style as unique as his… again, dude knocked it out the park. I’ll go see another Makonnen show if the opportunity presents itself.


As I said in my other post, I had heard of G-Eazy, but wasn’t well versed in his music… I felt like I was the only person in the venue that could say that… the entire crowd knew every song lol. Of course I was familiar with “I Mean It”, but the whole performance was dope.



Diplo’s set was the one I was waiting for all day, I was excited for Q’s and Makonnen’s too, but I’m a huge Diplo fan. I hadn’t seen him live since a Major Lazer set in like 2009. Not sure who at the PSG office recommended this guy, but they need a raise. Everything about his set was ill; the sun was shining, it was at a point in the day when you were probably at that perfect cruising altitude, the music was great, and he even brought some chicks on stage to dance (express yourself, ladies!!)… 80 minutes of bliss.


By the way, you’ll never get me drunk enough to dance in front of 20,000+ people


Massive thanks to Dom for, as always, showing Love and putting on a classic event.


The J. Gumbo’s was so good Makonnen stopped Diplo right after he got off stage and told him to try it lol… no bs!





My Fest night ended with Groovy Q (when you’re a parent you can’t kick it until the show ends lol)

*sigh* what can you really say about Schoolboy Q… he’s such an intriguing artist. He’s a great rapper, but a social media recluse. He doesn’t have lots of solo projects out, but he’s one of the most respected artists in the game. He seems like the type of guy to show up to work, do his job well, then go home and not want to be bothered by any bullshit lol (my favorite type of personality to be honest).

I was glad Q went on after Diplo because some of his bigger songs have a more chill vibe to them… a good way to cool out on a long day spent partying with your friends. My favorite part of his performance was Studio. I’m not sure if he performed Hoover, but if he didn’t he should have, and if he did I’m pissed I was out of it and didn’t realize it.

Whelp, that’s all I got, folks. Another successful Fest in the books. I’m kinda salty I have to wait a whole year for another one, but good things come to those that wait.

Thanks to Dom P and the entire Prime Social Group family!



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