2015 MacBook Review

If you follow Apple products then you’re surely familiar with the new, redesigned MacBook.

(Side note: I’m upgrading from a 2011 MacBook Pro, so that’s my perspective with this review)


Obviously, this is a really beautiful machine. No moving parts, weighs two pounds, comes in three colors (I got the Space Grey to match my phone), etc. You hear all those things, but you’re really impressed with all that once you get some hands on time with it. This thing is tiny! It almost feels like a toy because it’s so small and light (you get used to it after a few days). The screen is by far the sharpest I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. I was worried about the processor since the one I was coming from was much more powerful, but I haven’t encountered any situations where the computer couldn’t keep up with my requests.


The most controversial part of the MB is this, the USB-C port. Charge, transmit data, use an external display… all with one port. This sounds great, but there’s only one port. It’s greatest asset is it’s largest fault, but I’ll get into that later.


I can’t imagine a better laptop if you’re on the go or traveling.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the typical computer user. I download a ton of music (190 gigs) and I have a lot of pics (300 gigs). I knew even if I got the 512 G model it would still be a situation of running the majority of my data from an external drive, so I opted for the 256 model (slightly cheaper, and much easier to get on the open market… Apple had a 4-6 week wait list as the time of purchase).


This is the set up with the USB-C to USB adapter ($20).


…and again with the USB-C Digi Av Multipart Adapter ($80)

Looks like I paid $80 for a cluster fuck, right? Well, kinda. Again, you get used to it, and I only use the adapters if I’m using the hard drive (listening to music from the MacBook or looking through my iPhoto library). I’ve found myself listening to music more from my iPhone lately (64 gigs, so it’s not like I can’t put plenty on there). One of my favorite things about the new MacBook is the fact that I can send iMessages and sms text messages (you know who you losers are that don’t have iPhones). I go hours without touching my phone, and if you know me you know that’s a miracle. Also, the iPhone syncs wirelessly over wifi, so you don’t really need to connect it to the MacBook to update it. I’ve connected my phone to it once, and that was to authorize it to sync wirelessly.

Getting some of my old applications to the new boy was a little tedious at times (huge headache trying to get CS 5.5 to work and I really need Adobe Photoshop and Bridge to work easily and properly), but once you got them set up there was no issue.

Keep in mind I could have easily got an Air for cheaper (which had that ports and was also light… even though the MacBook is lighter than the Air), or I could have gotten the Pro for essentially the same price (which had the ports and the processing power I was used to), but I’m a huge nerd and wanted the newer technology. I Love adopting new tech because I have nothing better to do with my Life.

I think I made the right choice and I would definitely recommend the MacBook to others, especially if you don’t have an extensive amount of data like I do.

Let me know if you have any questions or want clarity on any of the points I made!



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