Opus 11 Essentials

Ever since I can remember packing bags for trips, I always laid all my stuff out on the living room floor and made sure I had everything I needed (dear God, please make sure you always have enough socks and boxers)… So, here’s a layout of travel essentials.


A few items that are most needed for me are toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant (there’s literally nothing worse than smelling like you’ve been traveling all day). I also always carry my travel journal, a good pen, noise canceling headphones (if you’re a traveler you should really invest in a pair), my phone, my MacBook, my 7D, my Timbs (easy to take off and slide on), my passport, and an extra shirt.

The weirdest thing I carry is my keys; there’s absolutely no reason to carry keys to an apartment or Jeep that’s thousands of miles away, but oddly enough carrying my keys always makes me feel at home in some strange way.



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