Chapultepec Castle

In the City post I referenced the nice building that sat on top of the hill, and the next morning I went to see it and found out it was some beautiful castle with a ton of history tied to it.

First off, I want to start by saying it cost me about $4.30 to come here, as it’s now a museum. Again, a huge reason to go to Mexico is the strong dollar and weak peso. You can really do a lot for next to nothing here.

O11C1 O11C2


Back to the castle, I was immediately floored by how amazing this place was. It was massive and perfect. The next thing was the art that was throughout it. The colors were so vivid.

O11C3 O11C4 O11C5 O11C6 O11C7 O11C8

The view of the city from the castle was stunning.

O11C9 O11C10 O11C11 O11C12 O11C13

I was already pleasantly surprised by how nice the city was, but this castle really made me fall in Love with the city and understand the pride of the Mexican people more.


My favorite piece in the castle was this ceiling mural, which is a David Alfaro Siqueiros depiction of the Battle of Chapultepec.

(Side note: you should really read up on the story of Juan Esutia and the Ninos Heroes, it’s inspiring.)

O11C15 O11C16 O11C17 O11C18 O11C19 O11C20

The Chapultepec Castle was my favorite part of Mexico City, and by far the most surprising. The land surrounding the castle was pretty much the equivalent of Central Park in NYC.



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